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Venturato has a history for excellence that began in 1925 and we continue to uphold the same set of values today: love, passion, skill and the maximum level of quality available.

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It’s was the moment of Italy’s second economic boom. Milan was quickly establishing itself as the European capital of fashion, industry and finance. The city was suddenly considered a winning model for Italians, who sought to imitate its style and tendencies. One of the most interesting phenomenons of this period was the birth of designer labels. In addition to creating high fashion products, companies began to sign their names on the most diverse objects. In those years, Venturato became a designer brand name for cups used in the country’s best coffeehouses..


To those who drink coffee to relax or to concentrate, for those whose blood circulates with ‘caffeine’, to those who only drink one cup, but it has to be excellent. To those who are convinced that coffee is good for them and who insist on only serving the best. For those who have always thought that without coffee the flavor of life would be somehow lacking. For those who go crazy for coffee and who’ve never betrayed it with so much as a cappuccino.

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